Care and Learn
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The preschool is the first step children take into the outside world. Therefore great care has been taken to plan the facilities at the Care & Learn Kindergarten.

Outdoor play area: This area has been created using safe & flexible material. There is a jungle gym, sand pit, flexible splash pool and a bike path.

Garden: The garden is large and thoughtfully done with the purpose of exposing children to a large variety of flora.

Kitchen Garden: There is a patch for children to grow a variety of vegetables and fruit shrubs, encouraging them to observe changing patterns through the year.

We also employ a new age technique known as BALA ( Building as a Learning Aid ) in all our Kindergartens as we believe that the environment is the second tutor to the child. In order to get a first-hand feel of this technique, we request you to please visit our facilities whenever possible.

All the equipments are state-of-the-art and certified safe by concerned government authorities.

Being a licensed Kindergarten by Government organizations such as Supreme Education Council of Qatar, respective state governments of India...etc, we follow all the required norms and conditions which are in place.

Our facilities
  • Facilities which makes learning with fun possible for children.
  • Facilities which make a variety of learning materials accessible to children outside the classroom, even after school hours.
  • Facilities potential to create conducive self-learning situations for children.
NBES runs learning and development centre's offering T & D programs for educationalists in the K- 12 sectors using industry specific knowledge resources.

Care & Learn is the first venture of New Beginning Educational Solutions with Dusyma Gmbh as its knowledge partner specifically catering to early childhood education.